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Customer Relationship Management

Call/Email/Text Thread

Ever struggled to keep up with all the calls, emails and texts your business receives in a day? Velocity CRM organizes all communication with each customer into one thread. In this example, the first text is an automated campaign followed by an email campaign sent to every customer only 5 minutes after they submit their information on the company website. If the customer does not respond to the first text, a follow-up text is also automated to be sent 22 hours later. In this case, the follow-up text is what the customer responded to and won the lead.

Each of these text and email campaigns can be customized to different services and/or products customers select on a website phrased uniquely based on their inquiry. Each campaign can be assigned to different users to prevent overlap of various product or service departments while simplifying management of customer communication.

The days of scrolling through call logs to determine whether a customer call was returned are history. This combined with text and email templates to quickly reply to customers’ commonly asked questions in 2 easy clicks creates a symphony of efficiency.

Automated Texting

Is your website not enabling you to manage your business more efficiently? Most businesses list their phone number and email address as their CTA (call-to-action) at the header with the thought to drive more customers to contact them. At a certain volume, this can become extremely disorganized and difficult to manage without dedicated staff or a Call Center Service. Why not work smarter, not harder, by driving customers to a simple quote request form that can be managed with automated texting?

The top data shows one example of actual customer response rates to automated texting. As in the previous example, this text was also sent 5 minutes after Ivan submitted his information on the company website and he responded within 1 minute. The second text is automatically sent 5 minutes after he responds. In this particular example, the business would prefer to drive phone calls with the third automated text sent 3 minutes after the customer’s reply to the second text. From the response rate data, nearly 50% of the customers are calling the business.

Further automation can be applied to guarantee communication with every customer inquiry. What if you could notify staff or management with texts when customers do not reply to automated texting? That along with automated appointment scheduling are all possible within this single Velocity CRM.

What happens when a salesperson takes the week off? Admin users can pickup where they left off whether it’s text/email/calls, the customer will see the same phone number and email they’ve been communicating with through the entire process. Employee vacations have never been easier to minimize downtime.

Call Reporting

Call reporting is the next step to tracking overall call volume, number of missed calls by each employee and how many new calls from new customers. The possibilities are endless with unlimited phone numbers that can be assigned to tracking calls from various PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns or other marketing strategies such as radio and TV.

In the Opportunities View, each new inbound call can be set to create a new Opportunity. This organizes sales staff to keep track of customer calls and assigning those Opportunities to the appropriate staff.

With calls, texts and emails all shown in one thread, management has a clear understanding on where personnel communication began and ended.

Facebook Integration

Are you tired of constantly monitoring your business’s social media pages for customer inquiries? What if Facebook messages to your business’s page could be managed within the same system as your company’s website and email inquiries?

Not only is this possible within Velocity CRM but the same texting automation can be applied to Facebook messaging. Responding to customers across all communication platforms is centralized to a single software maximizing each employees’ time.

This is just as easy to manage while traveling with the use of Velocity CRM mobile application. Facebook messages, texts, emails and phone calls can be redirected to you if an employee takes vacation or is unexpectedly out sick.


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