Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Paid Ads

Coordinated Strategy

All too often we encounter businesses where one company manages Google Ads, another manages the website, a third for social ads and the list goes on. It’s no different than 5 individual players on a basketball court can play together to win a few games but what happens when the right coach builds a cohesive team? That team can accomplish anything whether it’s break winning streak records or win the world championship. Small localized businesses to medium-sized businesses can be successful with a compartmentalized marketing approach to a certain point. The next question is how much more can your company achieve, accomplish and grow if you built a collaborative marketing team? 

Dynamic Expertise

Our team of experienced Google advertisers use their knowledge in this space as well as their expertise in SEO, Social Ads and so forth to either build your first Google Ads campaign or pickup where your existing Google Ads management company has left off. The world is moving at a record fast pace and the business landscape is as fluid as it possibly can be in this digital world. This is why a multifaceted team is essential for achieving stratosphere-level success. 

What are Google Ads? Are they even worth doing?

Google Ads at its core is paying to be at the top of various search terms, keywords and phrases. For those business owners who have tried managing their own Google advertising, it’s challenging to say the least plus continues to be more complex every year. And it can be even trickier to track the true ROI of the spend. With the privacy laws and regulations, it can be more costly to distinguish between organic and paid Google traffic than it is to optimize the campaigns. 

At the end of the day, I tell every business owner the same thing. If you’re not willing to pay to be at the top of a search term or keyword for your business, one of your competitors is and that’s a fact of nearly every industry nowadays. The competition is out there and it’s assessing these same digital strategies. The next question is who will build the winning team first and continue to maintain that winning streak?

I want to rank #1 all the time…

A very commonly said request with more gravity to it than most can imagine. Google advertising ensures your business will outrank the competition’s organic result but to guarantee this on every search, every moment of every single day is a whole other ballgame. This common request can easily turn into a hemorrhage of funds that makes most question is it a good idea? The sweet spot is the law of large numbers and outranking as frequently as possible both paid and organically while maintaining a reasonable marketing budget.

It’s not always about strictly ranking #1 for searches. The creative applications of Google Ads are often never discussed with most businesses. How best to determine the potential opportunity of a new vertical? You can always poll your existing customers? Or you can begin with how we assess every new startup business opportunity. First is some data analysis of search volume in Google Ads Keyword Planner followed by jumping straight into a Google Ads campaign pointed to a new SEO landing page with minimal investment to definitively determine the market potential of that new business sector.

Constant Optimization

Google paid advertising campaigns require constant monitoring and optimization to ensure that they are achieving the desired results. Our team will continually analyze your campaign’s performance and make adjustments to improve its effectiveness and efficiency.


Detailed Reporting

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in marketing. That’s why we provide detailed reports that allow you to see how your Google paid advertising campaigns are performing and track their ROI.


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