How To Market Your PPF Business

Managing a PPF business presents its own set of distinct challenges. Marketing shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Where To Begin?

Online marketing is an optimal choice for initial outreach due to its scalability. One can effortlessly acess a vast audience with minimal cost and exertion compared to offline methods that entail door-to-door canvassing, expenses on physical materials, and a considerable time investment.

Even if you’re launching your PPF business from scratch and lack any prior experience in digital marketing, you can kick-start your efforts without the need for hiring external assistance. Abundant and highly effective marketing resources are readily available online, many of which are both cost-free and user-friendly, with platforms like Google My Business leading the way.

Here are seven top-notch PPF marketing strategies suitable for every stage of your business:

  1. Secure your Google Business Listing.
  2. Develop a compelling PPF website designed to drive conversions.
  3. Establish a professional Facebook presence for your business.
  4. Collect and oversee online reviews.
  5. Create high-quality PPF content.
  6. Boost lead generation by leveraging Velocity Sales CRM and Film Force across your website and social media platforms.
  7. Utilize exceptional customer service as a powerful marketing asset.
Mastering the essentials

Key Principals of PPF Marketing

You probably didn’t launch your PPF business to spend all day tethered to a computer, managing your website and SEO. That’s perfectly fine, because marketing encompasses so much more than just that!

In reality, you likely possess more marketing knowledge than you realize. Crafting your PPF business name and logo, leveraging word-of-mouth among friends and family, and soliciting referrals from existing customers are all fundamental marketing tactics.

To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing endeavors, we recommend starting with the foundation: your brand.

Your brand embodies the commitment you extend to your customers. It sets you apart from competitors and serves as the decisive factor prompting customers to select you over any of the numerous PPF businesses appearing in their local search results.

strategic insights

Elevating Your PPF Marketing Game

Now that you’ve grasped the basics, it’s time to enhance your online marketing efforts to draw in more customers. 

Whether they’ve just purchased a new vehicle or are seeking to protect their everyday driver, your potential customer is searching for the nearest reputable PPF service capable of delivering excellent results. They’re swayed by prominent internet search rankings, positive reviews, and responsive customer service.

To secure this customer’s patronage, your primary marketing objective should be accessibility – being readily discoverable and easily reachable. Here are the pivotal marketing strageties poised to make the greatest impact:

1) Secure Your Google Business Listing

When individuals are in search of PPF services, Google is their go-to destination. To ensure they find your business, it’s imperative to establish your presence on Google My Business.

Setting up your local listing is a straightforward process – all that’s required is your company name, address, and contact information. If your business operates on wheels and lacks a fixed address, you can utilize a mailing address for verification purposes. Subsequently, you have the option to conceal the physical address and instead showcase your service area.

2) Build Your PPF Website

The next step in enhancing your online visibility is to establish and expand your digital presence. A professionally designed website will not only boost your visibility but also enhance your credibility, ultimately generating more leads for your PPF business.

Ensure that your ppf website is simple and sleek, allowing potential customers to easily access the information they need. Here are the key components of a paint protection film website that effectively attracts leads and drives conversions:

  • A distinctive name and logo
  • Stating your competitive edge. What makes you unique?
  • Your phone number
  • The locations you serve
  • A list of services you provide
  • A seamless method for requesting services such as Velocity Sales CRM and Film Force
  • Awards and accreditations
  • Compelling visuals and testimonials endorsing your craftsmanship

If you’re new to website creation, don’t worry. There’s an array of free or affordable tools available to assist you. Platforms like Wix or WordPress offer user-friendly website building options, while services like PicMonkey or Canva provide easy solutions for professional logo design.

3) Establish A Professional Facebook Presence

A Facebook business page is an invaluable asset for service-based businesses, facilitating seamless customer communication, enhancing visibility on Google search results, and increasing job bookings. Leveraging a professional Facebook presence can expedite your discoverability, particularly through the expansive reach achievable with Facebook ads.

Facebook’s innate shareability amplifies your message dissemination. Among social media platforms, Facebook boasts the largest user base and the most conversion-friendly features. What’s more, it’s both free and straightforward to set up. Here’s how to optimize your ppf business Facebook page to maximize lead generation. 

However, to achieve optimal results, it’s crucial to ensure that your page is finely tuned to align with your business goals. The disparity between a standard Facebook page and an optimized one is akin to comparing an old work truck to a meticulously maintained, professionally-wrapped vehicle primed for service calls.

4) Collect And Oversee Online Reviews

Positive feedback not only instills confidence in potential customers but also elevates your visibility on Google local pages, potentially placing you ahead of competitors with fewer reviews. Moreover, it can positively impact your website rankings.

To kickstart the process of receiving high-quality reviews, consider the following tips:

  • Send your customers a follow-up email once a job is completed. This serves as an opportunity to inform them of the completion of the work and, while engaging with them, kindly request feedback.
  • If the feedback is positive, consider extending a courteous request for a review, providing a convenient link to your Google Business or Facebook page. Simply asking is often all it takes to encourage most people to leave a review!
  • Streamline the review request process by leveraging Velocity Sales CRM. Customers can be seamlessly prompted to leave reviews on your chosen platforms, all automatically managed to save you time and effort.

5) Create High-Quality PPF Content

In the realm of specialized industries like paint protection film, consumer knowledge often remains limited. By providing informative and empowering content, you can establish trust and secure their business.

This approach, known as content marketing, focuses on creating captivating and shareable content – such as blogs, brief Instagram videos, or YouTube clips – that position you as an authority and ensure your services remain at the forefront of potential customers’ minds.

A highly effective tactic involves crafting content centered around recent paint protection film installations you’ve completed. Share compelling images of your work accompanied by detailed descriptions written in customer-friendly language, avoiding industry jargon that may confuse consumers. 

If writing isn’t your forte, consider recording a simple video using your laptop or smartphone. Videos offer an engaging means to connect with your audience and can be utilized across your website, social media platforms, and even in paid advertisements. 

6) Boost Lead Generation By Utilizing Velocity Sales CRM and Film Force

The Velocity CRM empowers you to effortlessly capture customer information from various channels such as your website or social media. When a potential customer submits their details, Velocity instantly notifies you, and all relevant customer information is seamlessly integrated into your dashboard. Say goodbye to tedious typing or copy-pasting from emails or messenger platforms.

Once the lead is captured, you can swiftly reach out to the customer or send them a quote via SMS text message and email with just a few clicks. Velocity CRM provides visibility into when the customer views the email and enables you to send automated follow-ups. If the customer hasn’t responded within 24 hours, Velocity can automatically send a follow-up email.

By leveraging automations like these, Velocy CRM ensures that your workflow remains efficient and effective, preventing any customers from slipping through the cracks as your business expands.

7) Utilize Exceptional Customer Service

Advertising and social media play essential roles in the marketing strategy puzzle. However, exceptional customer service stands out as the most powerful, cost-efficient, and sustainable growth strategy for any paint protection film business.

Outstanding customer service contributes to business growth in two significant ways:

  • You’ll receive repeat business, which proves to be both more cost-effective and invaluable in the long term, as you’ve already invested in capturing their attention and fostering their trust.
  • Satisfied customers will enthusiastically spread the word and provide personal referrals.

Utilizing a paint protection film software like Velocity CRM grants you immediate access to customer information from anywhere, ensuring heightened customer saisfaction and operational efficiency for your business. It’s a mutually beneficial solution for both businesses and customers alike, resulting in a win-win scenario.

small steps, big impact

Elevate Your Online Presence

Incorporating marketing into your daily routine can yield significant benefits for your online presence. From regularly updating photos on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and your website, to engaging in educational conversations with prospects over the phone and solicitiing feedback from clients, there are numerous simple tasks that can be seamlessly integrated throughout the day.

Take note of frequently asked questions to inform potential marketing material, and actively connect with targeted companies on social networking platforms. By making marketing strategy a deliberate daily focus until it becomes second nature, these incremental efforts accumulate into a substantial marketing boost over time.

While committing to new practices may initially seem daunting, rest assured that it becomes easier with time. And the best part? The return on investment in terms of revenue growth makes it all worthwhile.


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