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Discover How Velocity SEO Increased Lead Generation for Sun Stoppers by 740%

How Was Sun Stoppers Doing Before Partnering with Velocity SEO?

In 2019, Sun Stoppers, a Carolinas auto industry business, struggled with online visibility. Their website only generated 6,579 leads for the entire year. Between the 12 locations, it was only 45 leads/month.

The Charlotte Residential & Commercial Division was also underperforming, with only $27,780 in estimates in September 2020.

Total Website Leads


How Is Sun Stoppers Doing After Partnering with Velocity SEO?

After working with Velocity SEO, Sun Stoppers experienced a dramatic increase in their online visibility and lead generation. By 2022, their total website leads skyrocketed to 55,329, an increase of over 740%.

Their SEO targeting for Tesla also paid off, generating 2,774 leads. The single shop record was broken with 6,916 leads or 576 leads/month at just 1 location. Specific services like Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, and Flat Glass also saw significant increases in leads, with 5,808, 2,502, and 2,746 leads, respectively.

The Charlotte Residential & Commercial Division also experienced massive growth. In September 2022, they generated $331,569 in estimates, an increase of over 1,100% compared to the same month in 2020, two years prior.

Nationwide Tesla Leads


Single Shop Record Leads


Paint Protection Film Leads


Ceramic Coating Leads


Flat Glass Leads


Total Website Leads


sun stoppers commercial and residential

Velocity SEO’s Proven Techniques Increase Estimates for Sun Stoppers’ Charlotte Residential & Commercial Division by $303,789 Over 2 Years

Sept 2020

$27,780 in Estimates

Sept 2022

$331,569 in Estimates

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